There are many groups and organizations you can be a part of as a Materials Engineering student at McGill, whether they’re in the department itself or external with Engineering Undergraduate Society or Student Society of McGill University. Participation in these groups works to enhance the engineering community both here at McGill and further abroad! Whatever your interests are, there’s a group for you!


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AISES is a North American organization that focuses on promoting Aboriginal involvement in the STEM programs. The McGill chapter in particular focuses on engaging Aboriginal youth in the local Montreal area. For more information about AISES, visit AISES for information on how to join.


POWE is a philanthropic group at McGill University under Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS).
Whether you are new to the faculty, want to inspire, POWE Conference 2016preparing for life after graduation, or just need a break from that post-midterm headache, POWE has something for everyone.






Materials Advantages

Material Advantage Chapters give you a much-needed edge in the global job market and the knowledge, experience and networking you need to begin your career successfully in the material world. You can find about our Chapter right here.


MetSoc Chapter of McGill L’image contient peut-être : 7 personnes, personnes souriantes, personnes debout, chaussures et plein air

The CIM/MetSoc Student chapter at McGill is an organization focused on bringing students the opportunity to hone their networking skills and gain insight into the professional world through our events.
You can join us here.



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Engineering Without Borders is a Canadian NGO that works to advance technology in the developing world, specifically in Africa. This amazing organization is advancing the global community by “investing in people and providing them with opportunities to unlock their potential.” The McGill chapter is very active both locally and globally. If you want more information as to what McGill EWB does and how to help or join, visit their website at EWB McGill.