Meet your 2017-2018 council!


Noelle Bergeron- U3

VP Internal:

Bailee Johnson – U4

Hey! I’m Bailee Johnson, your friendly MEUS VP Internal for the 2017-2018 academic year. I hail from Mill Grove, a small town outside of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Here I lived on a tilapia farm (yes, we raised warm water fish in the middle of nowhere Canada) and aspired to come to the beautiful city of Montreal! At McGill, I have loads of experience in the Engineering community – I was involved with Engineers Without Borders McGill chapter for three years, one of which I served as president. I’ve also completed 12 months of co-op at Bombardier Aersospace.

This year, I have a focus on running equal numbers of non-drinking and drinking events, so there’s everything from rock climbing, to go-karting, to board games nights in the mix. If you have interest in helping to volunteer or want to find out more information about the Materials community, farming delicious fish, or my thoughts on sustainable aid, feel free to send me an email at



VP External:

Paul Meland -U3

Hey! My name’s Paul Meland, I’m in U3, and I’ll be your VP External this year. I’ll be planning industry tours, networking events, and guest lectures throughout the semester and finding sponsors. If you see me around campus feel free to say hi but it may not be me. Fun fact; I’m an identical twin! I also grew up on a small farm with horses and make maple syrup with my family during the spring.

As always we’ll be sending students to the annual TMS conference in March which, this year, will be held in Phoenix Arizona. Industry tours will be held at local, Quebec companies and provide you insight for entering the work force, and professionals from all aspects of materials engineering will be gracing us with helpful insight into our field. if you have any contacts or ideas in mind for connecting materials engineering to the outside world please feel free to contact me.

VP Finance:

Lucas Marone aka The Don – U3

My name is Lucas, and I am come from the town Montreal, maybe you’ve heard of it. This will be my third year at McGill, and my first year of involvement with MEUS.
In the past, I have been involved with several design teams, primarily with Concrete Canoe as Academic Captain. This year, I will be the guardian of the money; as VP Finance, I’ll be watching MEUS’s treasure chest with hawk eyes, so don’t try anything funny.
What that actually means is that I will be overseeing every expenditure for every program, to make sure that our money is being well spent on the best services possible.
I can often be found in the metroom, and if you see me, don’t be afraid to say hi. Let me know if you have any bright ideas that you’d like to see implemented!

VP Academic:

Sophie Kiddell – U3

Hi friends! my name is Sophie and I will be your VP Academic this year. I’m from a tiny town in Ontario, and I love mountains, cats, Santropol, and Frostbite. After spending the past 8 months on Co-op, I’m happy to come home to the MEUS and give my all as an executive. In this position, I am your go-to person for communication with professors, faculty members, and departmental staff for any academic matters. My main responsibilities are to help you voice your opinions to the department through the biannual Academic Forum, and apply for resources and equipment through several EUS funds. Don’t be shy to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns, I am always ready to listen!

VP Communications:

Gauthier Lemoine – U4

Imagine a typical French eating baguette and cheese every morning. Yes, that is me. My accent is weird and I love to accentuate it. Educated in the darkest bars of Brussels, devoted to metallurgy,  inspired by the cynical Charles Maurice Tayllerand, I will be your VP Communication this year.

If you like judo, beers, tennis, beers, commodity market, beers and metals, come to me, we will have a lot in common. Otherwise, come also to me, we’ll get beer and find something.
You better watch the Newsletter I will send you every week about MEUS news and events, industry, student and scientific publication of the week. You don’t want to miss incredible events or fun facts!
Don’t forget to check out the facebook page

See you at E-Week

VP Administration:

Isabelle Yap – U2

My name is Isabelle Yap, U2 and I’m honored to be your VP Administration this year!

Montreal, Canada is my new home, but before I arrived in 2015, I also called New York, New York, Tokyo, Japan and Florence, Italy, home.  Last year I was a Moose Coord and helped organize the Winter 2017 Banquet.  It was an exciting challenge and I eagerly anticipate working for you as Moose Coord again this year!

As the VP Administration, I oversee the mentorship programs, clothing sales, the Met Room, and keep the minutes from each council meeting.  Help us serve you better. Feel free to message me about the mentorship programs or if you have any ideas for the Met Room or Materials merchandise!  Also if you want to become more involved in the Materials community, I am looking for mentors for the new incoming students and I would love to have you on board!

U0 Rep:

Luc Bourbonnais -U0

L’image contient peut-être : une personne ou plus, personnes debout, chapeau et plein air

U1 Rep:

U2 Rep:

Julia Allard – U2

U3 Rep:

Marika Ueda – U3

Hi, I’m Marika and I’m from Tokyo, Japan. I’ve lived in different parts of Japan and the US and went on my first co-op in Dublin. This is my first year involved in MEUS but I have been involved with the Japanese Students’ Association (Prez, VP events, FYR), POWE coord, and concrete canoe in the past. This year I’ll be your U3 Rep for MEUS (don’t be shy to talk to me even if you’re not in U3!!) and I’m involved in POWE as VP Internal. I will do my best to represent MEUS and the U3 class and I’m looking forward to getting to know you all!!

U4 Rep:

Hakan Mustafa Tunc- U4

U5 Rep:

Zachary Mitchell Keziria

L’image contient peut-être : 1 personne, sourit, plein airI am acting as a representative for all those Materials Engineering students who decided to go above and beyond, adding a minor or an extended internship opportunity to their degree. Either of these actions will delay graduation from the typically 5 year program by at least 6 months, causing a contingency of students to enter the no-mans land beyond U4. My goal for this year is to integrate these students’ experience into programs that help guide the younger students through mentor programs, social activities, and a general availability as experience resources while providing fun and meaning to the extra time we spend at McGill.

MetSoc President:

Haixiang Sun – U2

Hey, future materials engineers! My name is Haixiang Sun, and I am the President of MetSoc McGill student chapter. In case you don’t know, MetSoc stands for the Metallurgy and Materials society of CIM. My job is to build up industrial connections for materials engineering students, find sponsorships who are willing to support student activities, and host more events that are directly related to the industry. Our goal is to bridge the gap between academia and industry. I strongly encourage all of you to join MetSoc because it is a professional membership that can follow you through your career. Check out our new facebook page or send me an email at for more information!
If you are not a membership, I DO care about you and I want to know your concern because it can help us to improve our service. So ask me any questions you have regarding the industry, I promise I won’t charge you membership fees for asking questions 😀

Materials Advantage President:

Billy He – U3